Muddy Water Estate Pinot Noir 2017

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Deep dark plum colour with a nose of red and black cherry, plum and florals. Dark fruit, vineyard elements and oak spice shine through beautifully into a textural palate.  Full bodied, elegant, juicy and perfectly balanced.

The Block

Quality Pinot Noir is the product of ideal soils and aspect married with experience. Our hillside pinot block is ideally situated to catch the sun, provide natural drainage, and the air movement on the hill is free from frost. The underlying limestone bedrock on the hill restrains the aromatics of the fruit, but subtle nuances of flavour delicately reveal themselves in the final wine.

Our Estate Pinot Noir is blended from eight different vine types, most of which are grown on our hillside block on ungrafted roots. These vines are younger, newer clones than our Slowhand and Hare's Breath, although in some years we include a bit of Slowhand or Hare's Breath fruit into the blend.

The Wine

Our Estate Pinot Noir is the mainstay of our Pinot Noir range. Stylistically it's a nod towards Old Europe, with more reserve, layers and complexity than typical New Zealand pinots. A wine of delicate proportions and nuance, it's more about restraint than power. A sleek and elegant texture yields to flavours more floral and earth-driven than fruit-heavy.

We handpick small quantities of bunches early in the morning while the fruit is cold to allow for a gradual introduction to the winemaking process. Batches are allowed to warm up and begin wild fermentation naturally in small lots. We plunge entirely by hand while the batches are on skins before a gentle pressing into select French oak barrels. Bottled without fining or filtration.

Planted: 2000-2002
Planting density:1850 vines/ha
Row spacing:2m
Vine spacing:1m
Avg yield:1kg/vine (1 bottle from each vine)
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